Mick Mullin


The son of a Kentucky coal miner's daughter and a Tennessee Bible editor, Mick Mullin was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.  The product of pious parents, Mick’s introduction to music began with the Baptist Hymnal.  The voice of his calling has always been artistic in tone, beginning with writing short stories and creating comics in his primary days, and morphing irreversibly to musical expression with the gift of his first guitar at the age of 12.  Throughout his teens and early twenties, Mick led several different bands, all with varied genre leanings. After a string of teenage legal troubles, rehabs and a brief stint at university, Mick decided to take a less conventional path and yielded to the wanderlust in his soul.  His rambling led him to living in Las Vegas, New York City, and after teaching himself Russian, he moved to Moscow where he taught English.  Upon his return from Russia, he’s lived as a street busker in Asheville and spent a few years in Seattle.  Although he found the various music scenes he thrived in to be greatly inspirational, ultimately he felt that to pursue them further felt disingenuous, and returned home to Nashville to humbly attempt to stake his claim in the revolution of independent country music. 


A full-length release, "Music City Miracle", is scheduled for September 2019.